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KAR Laboratories Offers EDTA Testing Capability For Water, Groundwater, and Soil

EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is an important compound of massive use worldwide in paper processing, food, drinks, and many other applications.  Belonging to a class of chemicals known as chelating agents, EDTA is sold in industrial grade, pharmaceutical grade, and food grade types.  Food grade EDTA is used as a supplement when added to food and is approved by the American Heart Association as a method for removing heavy metals from the body.

Environmentally, EDTA is not readily decomposed in the environment.  Additionally, the very property that makes EDTA commercially valuable - its ability to bind with metals - also causes it to dramatically enhance the mobilization of heavy metals into water and groundwater.  What we are seeing at our laboratory is that land application of waste that contains EDTA can expedite the migration of toxic heavy metal contaminants into the groundwater aquifer at an alarming rate.

If your operation currently uses EDTA or has in the past, you should take a careful look at the ultimate fate of your waste.  Testing your water, wastewater, or waste stream for EDTA could be critical in predicting the fate of toxic heavy metal contaminants.

At our client's request, KAR now offers the chemical analysis of EDTA in water samples using our proprietary test method KO-EDTA.  The water sample is collected in a 250 mL amber glass bottle, preserved with 10 mL of a 37% formaldehyde solution, and refrigerated until analysis. Analysis on the preserved sample must be performed within 14 days of collection. The analysis consists of a micro-extraction followed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).  The lower reporting limit is 50 ug/L.  Cost for this test is $120/sample which includes the sample container with the formaldehyde preservative.  Please contact one of our project managers for more details or to order bottles.


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